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We're not your average personal trainers - Premium Performance is a world-class 360° fitness, health and wellness experience. We know everyone is different. What exercise and diet regimes work for your friend may not net the same results for you as each of us have a unique physiology. We access your body, health and consider pre-existing conditions and/or injuries to develop the best guided and personalized program that will ensure ongoing results so you not only meet, but exceed your health and fitness goals.

pp process

New client onboarding for the PP method
Free Consultation & Facilities Tour
First assessment tests
Structural balance, functional movement assessment, bio signature & nutrition consultation
Team uses the assessment results to create a targeted custom designed plan. A session is booked to run through & demonstrate the proper techniques for the first month's workouts.
Client is ready to begin their Premium Performance health and fitness experience (Personal Training - available if requested)

I have been training with Dave for almost two years and am thrilled with the results. His training program is superb; sane, goal-oriented and custom designed. The facility is beautiful and the team is fun, encouraging and motivating. So worth the time and money.

James Macdonald, IT Manager / Adobe

The gym is gorgeous and spotless. It has a really nice and welcoming atmosphere too! I love the sense of community and have become friends with several of the other members. This right here motivated me to workout! I've lost weight and gained muscle. I'm so pleased at how I look now! I also sleep much better and my nagging back problems have cleared up.

Dominique Baker, Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger / Style Domination

My only regret was not joining this gym sooner! After bouncing around from big box, boutique, and group exercise facilities for over 5 years I joined PP so I could get customized, tailored workouts for me & work with premium equipment. The best part of the gym is Dave. I am not currently a personal training client, however I have an accredited strength coach at my disposal. It's an open door policy for conversation, questions, tips, and I am constantly learning more about fitness and my own body.

Dominique Baker, Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger / Style Domination

Dave is a fitness Jedi. His approach to training combines cutting-edge science with real-world lessons gained from countless hours working with clients in the gym. If you are looking for results and are willing to put in the hard work, then Premium Performance is the place to train.

Andrew Paterson, Founder & Lawyer / Paterson law

Premium Performance is truly a unique gym experience, combining the benefits of personal training with open gym hours, you get the best of both worlds. I love getting a custom tailored plan that is suited to my goals every month. I highly recommend giving Premium Performance a try!

Derek Hooper, Broker / Hooper Home Team Re/max

I've been a member of the gym since April 2018. When I started, I was really out of shape and thought I would have a hard time finding a program that fit my needs. Dave's bio-signature analysis approach was nothing short of amazing and allowed him to create custom training programs that fit my goals. The gym is always super clean and the equipment is kept in perfect condition. I can't say enough about this facility.

Ryan Crowle, Principle & Director of Operations / Idea Inc.

Stacked, very clean, custom strength gym in the heart of Ottawa. My wife and I poked our heads in one afternoon in September after dropping our girls off at school, and we haven’t looked back. We started seeing great results in the first month, with ongoing progress weekly since then. Highly recommend.

Louis Kearns, GM Shipping Services / Shopify

There are many reasons now why I love this gym….but the main reason I went there in the first place was word of mouth. To me this is what I call a boutique gym, and elite personal training center. Its smaller not overwhelming, the equipment is all new and state of the art, the space is light airy with lots of windows, its immaculate and overall is just a great place to be. From the moment you walk in there’s a vibe about this place that its very much a family.

Melissa Lamb, Television Personality & Lifestyle Expert

Great place to train! Dave and his staff do a great job at keeping clients accountable. I’ve noticed big results with Dave’s programs  since I began training here last year. I highly recommend!

Bryan Nadeau, Sales Representative / Blue Panda

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