Dryland Training

A distinction needs to be made between ‘working out’ and ‘training’ for a sport or event. A workout can be running, weights, spinning...any type of physical exercise. But if you are preparing for a particular sport, did a general workout do something targeted to improve your ability to play or compete? More often than not, the answer is “No.”

Dryland Training is circuit style sessions that incorporate classic strength training, plyometric (jump), and strongman exercises.

Hockey perfectly illustrates its benefits: On the rink, players’ muscles are subjected to a lot of tension, which can result in muscle imbalances and a reduced range of motion which in turn makes them more susceptible to injury. With Dryland Training the focus is on conditioning and fat burning while delivering results for increased agility, balance, coordination, and strength to better the players’ on-ice performance.

If you are a sports team or group, Premium Performance will custom design Dryland sessions to suit your specific training objectives. These are not only effective physical training sessions, they are also excellent for team building experiences for both sports teams and corporate groups. Classes can be conducted inside or outdoors.

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