Personal Training

The X-factor to safely and effectively achieving your fitness objectives: Personal Training.

Whether your goals are sports-driven, injury/health related, weight-loss based, targeted event training or just to increase your current fitness level, being under the supervision of a personal training coach is often the essential element that guarantees your success.

Using the results of your Premium Performance Assessment (BioSignature, Structural Balance Evaluation, Nutrition & more) which identifies any imbalances - both hormonal and muscular - you and your coach will work together step-by-step through your custom program to obtain continual and maximum progress.


  • Motivates, Challenges & Educates
  • Holds you accountable
  • Provides focus
  • Perfects form and/or technique
  • Increases your flexibility
  • Is an unofficial therapist
  • Sets realistic goals
  • Helps with specific goals (event training)
  • Avoid Plateaus
  • Helps form good habits
  • Won't compromise existing injuries, conditions or stresses
  • Fits into your schedule
  • Provides maximum results

Our coaches empower clients and successfully improve whole body health.

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