Program design

At Premium Performance, our prime focus is on getting our clients into the best possible shape and health. With specialized certifications, our team evaluates multiple factors (BioSignature, Structural Balance Evaluation, Nutrition & more) to develop a fun customized program with cutting-edge exercises and nutrition recommendations to crush your fitness goals.

Our coaches will evaluate and update your program monthly based on your progress. A run through of each new program is done to ensure that you fully understand the sets, reps, tempo, and rests to properly execute the exercises. Regularly switching up your workout challenges the body, avoids plateaus, and provides renewed motivation as you learn a new routine.

Part of what differentiates us from other gyms is that while you can come anytime during business hours to workout - you MUST follow your customized workout program. And whether training at our fitness centre or following your program at home, your coach will recommend a suggested number of workouts per week for maximum benefits.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to follow a Premium Performance program, each one is 100% personalized. What we offer is a guided health and fitness journey that works continuously for everyone at all fitness levels.

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