Dave Fontaine

Dave Fontaine


Our co-founder Dave has an unwavering life-long commitment to health and fitness which left no question of where his career path would lead him. One of his keys to success as a coach is that he employs science-based methods to help clients meet and exceed their personal exercise, weight and wellness objectives – and it is one of the elements that sets Dave and the Premium Performance team apart from other facilities in Ottawa.

Dave is steadfast in his commitment to continuing his education, taking new certification courses, and reading to stay on top of the latest science available. All to deliver the best results for his clients and ensure their continuous progress, improved health, and overall well-being. His drive and determination to hone the services at Premium Performance surpasses what the fitness industry generally offers, and thus has earned him top credentials and recognition.

In his off hours, Dave can be found working on his golf game or if time allows heading to the coast to catch some waves.

  • PICP Level 4: Poliquin Institute
  • BioSignature Level 2: Poliquin Institute
  • Certified Level 1 Precision Nutrition® Coach
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